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Being known as the "Sun Island" or the "Azorean Allgarve" The island of Santa Maria has a micro climate itself, it is in most cases the island with the highest temperatures of air and sea and the island with the highest sun exposure throughout the year.

The island also has five white sand beaches, including two that are only accessible by boat.

Santa Maria is also the closest island to the Ants islets “Formigas” and Dollabarat reef, and the journey there itself could make a memorable day, there you may expect to see a lot of marine life, such as Sharks, Manta Rays, Turtles, sea birds etc,etc, you may also take your snorkeling gear or rent one from us.

Expect also to see beautiful volcanic formations, caves, water springs, and fantastic bays, the fabulous vineyards around the island, and all kind of marine and non marine life around the Island.

We have several packages depending on your convenience and availability. And we are also available to meet your plans.

If you are planning to visit us, or is already among us, be sure to contact us.

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